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Managing Top Talent Remotely

Successful companies are adjusting to the growing demand of a remote workforce. If you are worried about your employees being as productive working from home, set clear and concise expectations of what they need to accomplish and provide the tools and training they need to accomplish those expectations. This should be the norm for all companies, remote or not, but obviously some are better than others at preparing employees for success.

As a backup plan, offer the opportunity for them to work from the office or a coffee shop if there are obstacles at home such as poor Wi-Fi. Encourage your employees to travel with their laptops. As long as they are getting their work done, they can visit family or the beach without using vacation days. The flexibility of working from different locations can improve the feeling of monotony that can help with employee burnout.

If it is clear what employees are supposed to accomplish and reliable ways of measuring their productivity, then there is no need to micro-manage your team. I have not met anyone who wants to be micro-managed, nor met a manager who wants employees they must micro-manage. This leads to another major factor in retaining your Top Talent. Management styles will make or break your turnover percentage. Micro-managing can run off your best employees as much as disrespecting or over-working your people. Create an environment of trust with clearly defined expectations, then trust them to work from wherever and whenever.

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