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How to Attract and Retain Top Talent in the Current Climate

Thanks to the Year 2020, working remotely will always be a staple of any industry that can possibly support work from home capabilities. As we wrap up 2021 and the world is recovering, companies that continue to offer remote opportunities will have an advantage in filling and retaining Top Talent as most companies scramble to fill their open positions.

Working from home has become the most important aspect of a huge percentage of the workforce. This is not new. It has been a factor for years before COVID-19. It’s just more prevalent now and companies that were not progressive enough to take the chance to try working remotely were forced to do so with COVID-19 and has proven they are capable.

Working from home has drastically improved the work-life balance that all of us have wished for throughout our careers. Commuting in rush hour alone could ruin the best of days for employees. Most people commute one hour, one way during rush hour. That’s two hours a day, ten hours a week. That is adding a whole additional workday to the five days we already dedicate to our employers. The benefit of having happier employees should result in a bigger ROI over the long term. We can all agree a happier employee is a more productive employee. Employees can sleep later, exercise more, and save money on gas, wardrobes, and lunch. Employees have always desired to improve their work-life balance and working from home can satisfy most of those challenges.

If companies have a large portion of their workforce remote, they will have huge savings on leasing big commercial properties and all the expenses that go along with brick-and-mortar locations. Savings in addition to the leases like the utilities it takes to run those buildings, insurance on the property, and furniture and supplies to fill those properties will add up. Some forward-thinking companies offered benefits such as daycare services and gyms onsite in order to stay ahead of competitors. Those types of fringe benefits will not be a need if your workforce is at home. With the savings the company accrue, invest in your people. Because in addition to a good work-life balance, money still talks with attracting and retaining Top Talent.

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